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property efficiencyIf you haven’t already implemented an electronic key control system in your multifamily community, your property may be at risk. An electronic key control system ensures accountability, while improving security and limiting liability for property managers. Take a look at some of the features an electronic key control system offers to improve security and boost property efficiency:

Streamline the Key Access Procedure

The best way to track keys is to store them in one secure, centralized location where employees can check out and return them. Without this feature, keys can get misplaced or stolen simply because no one really knows where they’re supposed to be when not in use.

Track Keys in Real Time

In real time, the system records key whereabouts and access history. Additionally, a variety of reports are readily available to provide management with data regarding the status and location of every key.

Control Key Access

With HandyTrac, the access and return of keys is controlled by a multi-step verification procedure. If, for example, an employee is able to check out a key by simply swiping his/her badge, criminals can gain access by stealing or copying the badge. But if that employee must swipe the badge and type in a code — or better yet, use a fingerprint identification — the risk of theft goes down exponentially. HandyTrac also allows property managers to prevent employees from gaining access to certain units.

To learn more about how our secure key control systems improve property efficiency and security, contact us today!